Cachicamo Gigante

One of my favorite notes arrived for free - the best price. It's a 5 Bolivares from Venezuela, circa 2007, featuring two giant Armadillos.

Banknotes need more Armadillo!

I think everyone can agree that all countries can benefit from a little more Armadillo somewhere on thier notes. The detail on the scales is fantastic, and the included notes are a really nice touch.

The little one is my favorite.

The coat of arms is fairly intricate, with a nice overall design.

Republica Bolivariana De Venezuela

Security Features

I always appreciate the intricacy of security print on modern notes. Security threads and lines at irregular angles also add complexity. The other side features an interesting piece of history as well.

"Negro Primero" - Pedro Camejo

Pedro Camejo, who fought in the war for independence, is featured prominently.